Beautiful January


Created with Nokia Smart Cam

I know January is the hated month – the end of the hedonism of December, a long way till spring and to cap it all the month of abstinence.  Now I’m all for changing lifestyles, having goals and resolutions, but do we have to plan to do everything in January?  The way I see it, I’m going to be eating and drinking less this month just by going back to normal, so why make this month harder by denying yourself nice things and wishing it would pass quickly.  Of course I have the big resolution of banishing the boredom to contend with this year but I’m thinking a month by month basis might be an easier approach to take.

So what about January?  Well as you know, I am getting increasingly concerned about life passing me by, so I reckon trying to stay in the here and now and learning to love the month you’re in might be a good plan.  I have armed myself with Adam Copnik’s book ‘Winter’ in which he explores the beauty of the season and the artists, composers, explorers, scientists and writers who have helped to shape a modern idea of winter in all its glory (I’m half way through the first chapter).  I’m also taking a leaf out of Tristan Gooley’s ‘How to connect with Nature’ book because as I learnt in October – connecting with nature helps us to have a more discerning view of time.  It’s only 6 days into January but I’m aiming to take photos of wildlife each day (not just the dog) to help connect with the beauty of the season.  I may even make a PowerPoint presentation to show in the pub on the 31st when I have to figure out what to do in February.

So whilst I’m figuring out my life purpose, I shall at least have some pretty pictures to remind me of my lovely time outside in the beauty of January.

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