Time Marches on


March 2015

My goodness, it’s nearly time to put the clocks forward, it’s officially Spring, how on earth did that happen so quickly? I’m sure I had lots of important goals and things to produce and do before we reached Spring.  This time of year brings the promise of new beginnings and new stuff to do and alas has also set off another midlife panic of how quickly this year is going and what have I done? Then I go into a tizzy and do nothing, and then worry that I’m doing nothing.

I read that the menopause can make some women wake up in the night with anxiety attacks about life passing by – well seriously I have that all the time, not just at night.  There is some comfort to being able to blame my hormones for my mood – which I can do apparently for the next 7 years – although I secretly think that this 7 year menopause is only the destiny of Daily Mail readers.  But to be fair to hormones, I don’t think they are really the cause of my current midlife debates with myself.

A friend recently suggested I take a few days holiday from thinking, so I have and I’ve loved it, felt calmer and enjoyed just sitting in the garden daydreaming.  Of course my week is almost up and I’m wondering if I wasted it, but that’s the little voice starting up again.  It’s made me think more about the whole mindfulness movement and how I can quiet the voices and enjoy just being.  I’m sure it’s possible – I use to feel guilty about not doing anything productive on long train journeys, but I’m over that now, so that’s a good start. Fortunately here are some experts who agree and reckon we should all stare out of windows more often. Read it here  – The importance of staring out the window.

I did some CPD a couple of weeks ago and we were asked how we would spend our time if we had a year to live.  You would have thought that question would have turned me into a complete wreck – a year to achieve goals I haven’t figured out yet?  But actually I decided I just wanted to be outside more and chill out. Anyroadup – I’ve bought another book – Stephen Levine ‘A year to live’ a snappy title about how to live this year as if it was your last and living each day mindfully. I’m not sure it’s going to be a page turner, but I’ll give it a go and see if it helps stop the midlife panic for a while.  I’ll let you know.