Onwards from January


sunset jan 19 (1)

Created with Nokia Smart Camjan 19 bird in tree h head cold8 jan pm walkies on groyne

Well – January has gone rather quickly. Is this the rapid increase in time perception that happens once you’re over 50?  If so please can it slow down in February because this time passing quickly malarkey is quite scary.

I have been trying hard to love the winter and I will admit that I’ve really enjoyed aspects of January, especially the crisp cold mornings and beautiful early sunsets.  Making myself take photos has made me stop and look around far more than usual on my walks and it’s also made me try a few different walks – (with some reluctance from the dog)  – so that I’m not taking photos of the same view all the time.  So on the whole the engaging with nature strategy has worked really well and on some days it has certainly helped my mood.  Of course there have been days where it’s been grey and miserable – me and the weather – but on the whole, I’m almost sad that January is over so quickly.

Of course we’re now about to embark on February which is a bit of a bland month – it doesn’t have the fresh start of January and neither does it have the real promise of springtime that March brings, so I think it needs a bit of a pick up to get through in an engaging way.  I like the idea of planning in February – when the new year enthusiasm has worn off and life has settled back to its usual routine.   One of my highlights in January happened a couple of days ago when I attended the School of Life Live event on New Year Resolutions.  This was all about changing your perceptions for life, not just for January or 2015.  About embracing risk, shaking up the routine and tools for thinking more clearly and creatively – all very thought provoking topics. (School of Life Live) 

My mid-life crisis is definitely making me more reflective, which I think is good.  But whilst reflection is great, there needs to be some DOING, getting on with stuff.   So in February I shall get on with something and let you know.  But for sure I will definitely be taking more photos.

Beautiful January


Created with Nokia Smart Cam

I know January is the hated month – the end of the hedonism of December, a long way till spring and to cap it all the month of abstinence.  Now I’m all for changing lifestyles, having goals and resolutions, but do we have to plan to do everything in January?  The way I see it, I’m going to be eating and drinking less this month just by going back to normal, so why make this month harder by denying yourself nice things and wishing it would pass quickly.  Of course I have the big resolution of banishing the boredom to contend with this year but I’m thinking a month by month basis might be an easier approach to take.

So what about January?  Well as you know, I am getting increasingly concerned about life passing me by, so I reckon trying to stay in the here and now and learning to love the month you’re in might be a good plan.  I have armed myself with Adam Copnik’s book ‘Winter’ in which he explores the beauty of the season and the artists, composers, explorers, scientists and writers who have helped to shape a modern idea of winter in all its glory (I’m half way through the first chapter).  I’m also taking a leaf out of Tristan Gooley’s ‘How to connect with Nature’ book because as I learnt in October – connecting with nature helps us to have a more discerning view of time.  It’s only 6 days into January but I’m aiming to take photos of wildlife each day (not just the dog) to help connect with the beauty of the season.  I may even make a PowerPoint presentation to show in the pub on the 31st when I have to figure out what to do in February.

So whilst I’m figuring out my life purpose, I shall at least have some pretty pictures to remind me of my lovely time outside in the beauty of January.